Sunday, October 28, 2018

When Doubt Comes

Even though I created this blog about a year and a half ago, blogging is still relatively new to me.  Until this past summer, when a #4OCFpln member challenged us to blog at least twice a month, I had a total of three blog posts.  Since the challenge I have faithfully posted my two posts a month.  So what made the difference?  Why did I not post more regularly than before the blog challenge?

Bloggers Wait for Inspiration
I am really good at waiting!  After I made my first post I waited.  I kept my eyes open and looked for things to inspire me to write a really good post.  When an idea came, doubt came right along with it.  What if my post was not good enough to publish?  What if my post went unread?  What if others can say it better than I can?  What if.....?  When the questions came, I waited for a better post idea to come along.

Bloggers Aren't Afraid to Share
On the occasions I wrote a blog that I was particularly happy with, it was easier to hit Publish.  Once it was out there, doubt was out there right alongside it.  Who should I share it with?  Would anyone take the time to read it?  What if they did not like what I said?  What if.....?  Sharing was almost harder than hitting Publish!

Bloggers Post at Regular Intervals
I had already blown the regular intervals!  I went ten months between my second and third blog post!  Who would take me seriously if I only blogged sporadically?  My #4OCFpln would!  When Jamie Leach threw down the blogging challenge it became apparent to me that I was not the only one struggling to post on a regular basis.  I jumped at the chance to have some accountability.

My PLN Made the Difference!
The challenge persuaded me to get back to writing!  My PLN stepped up to the challenge and shared their blog posts and read mine.  Seeing others publishing their blogs motivated me to keep on writing and sharing mine.  The feedback that I have received from my posts has been encouraging.   It has validated my thoughts and eliminated some of the doubts that have been holding me back.  Will the doubts ever completely go away?  Probably not, but I have the support and encouragement that I need to push past the doubts and continue reflecting on my own learning.  Thank you, Jamie Leach and #4OCFpln!